FunFearlessLife 2015

"When you dress good, you look good, when you look good, you feel good."

FunFearlessLife 2015. Oh, how I wish I could go back to last Saturday and start it all over again. Everything about that day was truly inspiring and empowering. I met a lot of great people, talked to many Cosmo editors and spent a whole day in the Hearst Tower... Talk about #OfficeGoals. The building was stunning, and the views were spectacular. Jealous yet?! 

View from the event

The day kicked off with an introduction from boss lady, Joanna Coles. The first half of guest speakers were motivating and uplifting. Chelsea Handler went on first. She was my cup of coffee. Her talk kept me very engaged and excited for the following speakers. It was great! I loved the panel with Laverne Cox, Bethany Mota, and Maria Kumar. They all had some successful and motivating stories to share. Laverne Cox talked about how she inspired many transgenders to open up and finally be accepted by their families. This brought tears to my eyes! Bethany Mota talked about how one user would always make harsh comments on all her Youtube videos. However, one day Mota confronted the user about it and she told her that it wasn't anything personal, and she would just be taking out her anger on all Mota's Youtube videos. After that, this user started to defend Mota from anyone who would write an offensive comment on her videos. Now she's Mota's #1 fan. Another inspiring guest speaker was Aliza Licht, author of Leave Your Mark. I bought her book and just started reading it. It's very motivating and worth the read. 

Joanna Coles, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan

During break time, I had lunch with a few Cosmo Beauty Editors and other Fun Fearless Lifers. I got some makeup advice from Maybelline, got an got myself sketched and got my photo taken for the Cosmo cover. Yes, I was on the Cosmo cover... At least for a day! The best part about this event was all the awesome people you got to meet. Everyone that attended this event wants to succeed in their lives. Each person had a story and were motivated to start writing that first chapter.

Cosmo Cover

A sketch of me

The second half began with a power up by Adam Rosante. We were all on our feet sprinting for whatever goal we wanted to reach. He had us concentrate on two core values:

1. I am crystal clear on my core values and big picture goals.

2. I have mastered the secret ancient art of saying NO.

I think we all need to master that second one, especially with FOOD (at least for me). Another favorite talk was one led by Matthew Hussey. He is a love guru! Ladies, LOOK HIM UP! His advice will land you the guy you want and deserve in no time. I liked how he mentioned, "invest in a guy by how much he invests in you." His advice is on point. This is when you know you've found the one. Trust me, I would know that. If it weren't for Matthew Hussey's advice, I probably wouldn't have met my boyfriend. Everything that Hussey explained advised and described I have found in one man. And you can too! Gabrielle Bernstein was another favorite of mine. I felt like her stage presence, and life advice was what truly touched and inspired me. In my opinion, she's a real boss lady. 

Awesome goodies

The day ended with Rachel Platten singing "Stand by You" and "Fight Song." Her story is another example of how you should never give up on your dream. Anyone can achieve their goals with a little bit of hard work and perseverance. Dream big. Stay motivated. Inspire others. Many women that attended this event last year can agree that they have started their journey to success already. Sometimes all you need is that little Cosmo push to take you down the right path. 

Of course, the day ended with a small cocktail party where I got to make great connections and mingle with some awesome Cosmo editors. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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