Last Thursday, I visited Armani Casa showroom on 3rd Avenue and it was super cool and inspiring! I loved the modern, classic and elegance interior that Armani has created. The designer has managed to create a luxurious world for his customer. He is set on establishing an "Armani land", where his customers have access to everything ARMANI, such as fashion, interior, hotels, real estate and even chocolates and flowers. The designer is envisioning an ARMANI life for his customers. 

The showroom featured all his interior products, such as dining tables, beds, couches, etc.. He establishes the same idea for each product but uses a different material and technique to create change and uniqueness to each area of the house.

The designer displays a very minimal and luxurious setting for his clients and all the products are meant to be comforting and de-stressing. 

Both these tables are made out of a melted gold leaf material and pressed into the table to create  subtle and modern effect. The area that is seen to be lighter had more heat pressed on it. 

The dresser on the right is actually made out of techno fiber... How cool is that?!

Armani is all about creating the luxurious interior life for his clients... For example, you can control much of the household appliances to the iPad and use that as a remote... Let's say you want to turn on your TV or your curtains, all you have to do is press a button on your iPad and it'll automatically open. Definitely living in the future aren't we??

Posted on March 30, 2015 and filed under Inspiration.