***All images taken by the beautiful Maryam Nafie Facebook: Perceptive Pupil Instagram: @frenchhfriez

BUT SERIOUSLY THO, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE! So, this look is dedicated to all the women out there. Yesterday, I watched a really good trailer about strong moms (watch it here), it really got me goosebumps and I actually did tear a bit (NOT A SHOCKER). I guess growing up with a strong mom, strong grandmas, strong girlfriends, strong aunts make you a true feminist. As well as growing up with a father like mine pushing me to be a tougher woman, because he believes in the power a strong woman holds. Since I moved to the US, I started understanding the true power of womanhood and how much women can make a difference. I grew up in a culture where women aren't seen as equal to men or as superior. BUT we can be and we are. The Egyptian Revolution sparked a feminist movement in Egypt. It's inspiring to see how many more Egyptian women are chasing their dreams and choosing the life they've always longed for and breaking the stereotypical housewife. Not only do they empower themselves but they empower all the women around them. Women ARE strong, women ARE powerful, women ARE mighty. With this look, I wanted to show the true beauty and power of a woman. These pants are actually supposed to be cropped at the ankle, but for some reason they didn't work out that way. Be careful when you buy that style of pants that you make sure you're buying the right height for your body.

Stay strong ladies and spread some power xx

Wearing: Express Pants || Millioneress Top || Steve Madden Heels || Louis Vuitton Purse

Posted on April 29, 2016 and filed under Fashion.