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Finally, the mayhem of New York Fashion Week is over. From Naeem Khan's exceptional attention to detail to Marc Jacob's gothic chic looks. We're expected to see lots of color for the upcoming F/W 16 season. I was impressed with many of the shows I was able to attend. The only problem was the weather. The Arctic bomb decided to target the only week where people are out and about trying to make it to shows. My number one favorite was Naeem Khan followed by Marcel Ostertag. Scroll down for a full report of some of my favorite shows on the runway. 

Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan's runway show was breath-taking. From the serene ambiance to the stunning gowns. The show started off with beautifully embroidered dresses and ended with exquisite gold sequined gowns. The colored patterns on the embroidered dresses were elegant and beautiful. There was so much attention to detail. I wouldn't be shocked if many of his gowns were seen on the red carpet worn by all the stars. I particularly liked how the collection had different colors, concentrating on red, black, gray/silver and gold. It was like a pattern representing something that the designer was indeed inspired by. The metallic gold and silver beaded gowns lit the runway, and you can see all the different patterns that were sewed on each one of the dresses to enhance their beauty. The gold sequined gowns had a flapperesque approach to them, with fringes at the hem. I felt that a few looks from the show should've been taken out because they didn't represent the theme, and were boring compared to all the other looks. After reading about the collection on Vogue, it turns out it was inspired by Art Deco, especially by the streets and skyline of New York City. The lights of this city inspired the colored embroidery and metallic sequins for his gowns. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show. 

Shop the collection at Moda Operandi or check out more of Naeem Khan's runway looks on Vogue

Photos taken from vogue.com

Marcel Ostertag

Marcel Ostertag's F/W 16 collection brought this fresh and relaxed feel. I loved it! Rain inspired the collection; even the show started off with a thundering sound followed by rain droplets. This theme was apparent throughout much of the collection. Many of his sweaters had large raindrops printed on them, as well as plastic rain inserts sewn onto the fabrics to create a unique and cool look. I loved that idea! The designer used texture and fabric blocking throughout his collection. The different materials used on the majority of the skirts was very smart. I felt like it was something new and added something a little bit more sophisticated than regular skirts. My favorite part of the collection was the color palette used. There was a mix of light blue, burgundy, gray and navy. The colors evoked a wintery feeling and perfectly the theme he was going for. The fur coats were gorgeous and brought out this cloudy feeling against the sequined gowns that looked like rain droplets as the model was moving on the runway. I was a big fan of the collection and absolutely loved the cool vibe it brought to the runway. Here are some of the looks I loved.

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Photos taken by theimpression.com

Sherri Hill

When I was younger, I was a big fan of Sherri Hills' gowns. Some of them are red carpet material and others can be worn for pageants, sweet sixteens etc... The color palette had a mixture of gold, white, peach and blue. The one that particularly stood out to me was the velvet black and gold embroidered jacket. I thought that was beautiful and unique. Also, I loved the gold dress (pictured above), it had a stunning backline with lots of detail sewed onto the fabric. I could see many gowns worn in pageants, but not much on a red carpet. However,  but there were four or five gowns that stood out and I thought were gorgeous. Heck, there was one I just wanted to buy straight away to wear to my next event. Below are some of my favorite looks. 

Check out more runway images on here


HANLEY's presentation included a bold and defining color palette with a great amount of layering. As I walked in, I realized that the presentation looked like portraits; the models were the painting and the border was the frame. The collection incorporated a lot of velvet and unique prints. I felt some kind of vintage and oldish aesthetic to the way the collection was laid out and the garments themselves. Not all the looks spoke out to me too much. However, I particularly enjoyed how the scarves were placed around the neckline. The coats stood out to me the most, especially the one that had a rusty brown color blocked with a tealish blue from the inside. I thought that was very interesting. The multicolored fur vest was stunning. That was definitely a favorite of mine. It's definitely a statement piece. As I was looking through the designer's website, I found out that the collection was meant to reflect 17th century costume. Nicole Hanley quotes:

"I had the great privilege of visiting the Restoration Department of the Prado Museum. A meticulous understanding of a painting, its artist and historical context is necessary for the restorer to return a picture to an authentic and original quality. To that we studied the textures and prints as seen in the 16th and 17th century costumes from the paintings of El Greco, Velazquez and Claudio Coello and returned those historical influences through embroidered laces, unusual prints, rich velvets and veiled polka dots to our sophisticated, 21st century woman on the go..."

Here are some of my favorite looks.

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These were some of my favorite shows that I attended this season. One show that I did love that I didn't attend was Marc Jacobs... Talk about that gothic chic right?? And then Lady Gaga strutting the runway? It was awesome. You should check it out. 

Which were your favorite looks of the season? xxx

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