Yes! My favorite time of year! Here are some of the looks I created this year.

I'm pretty sure you've seen many Harley Quinns roam the streets this Halloween. I did this as a makeup tutorial for What Women Want Magazine and it turned out exactly as I hoped. It's actually a pretty simple look and can be done in under 10 minutes. On a sidenote, I'm totally obsessed with Margot Robbie.

I originally wanted to be a clown this Halloween but because of all the clown craze happening across states, I decided it might not be too reasonable. So I decided I would be red riding hood with a clawed out face but I couldn't find her hood (bummer -.-). So I finally decided I would be a dying vampire. I really wanted to try using latex to create a scary and gory wound. I think it worked out pretty well. If you feel like using latex next halloween, it's really simple and there are millions of tutorials on Youtube. I wore blue lenses and added the dark dry veins to emphasize the dead vampire look.

For my final look, I was a doll. I definitely had one that looked like this when I was a little girl. I've always been scared of dolls, especially after watching Chuckie, the horror movie. This was also a pretty simple look. I used a pink wig and blue lenses. Then, I drew the stitches across the edges of my mouth and contoured my cheeks with pink eyeshadow. I added small dots on cheeks and added pink eyeshadow around my entire eye. I was finished in ten minutes max. I loved it!

I love Halloween. It's the time to play dress up and just have fun. I hope these looks would inspire you for next year. Till then xx

P.S. Which was your favorite look? ;)

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Contouring Secrets

Smashbox First Impressions Contour Kit

Contouring has become a trend this year... Who doesn't want to work hard for a slimming and sculpted face anyways? When I first found out about contouring, I ran over to Sephora to buy a kit that was easy to use for beginners. I was advised to buy the Step by Step contour kit from smashbox. The palette contains a powdered contour, bronzer and highlighter and comes with an angled brush to easily highlight your cheekbones. For any contouring beginner, this works really well and adds a slimming effect to the face. The palette comes in two colors: light to medium and medium to dark. Below are step by step instructions on how I contour my face, as well as a Youtube Video by Smashbox. 

Step 1: Grab your brush and suck in your cheeks to apply the contour on the hollow areas of your cheekbones. This creates shadows for a slimming effect.

Step 2: Grab an eyeshadow brush and apply the contour on the edge of each nose. This will also apply a slimming effect on the nose area.

Step 3: Apply the bronzer right on the top of your cheekbones and blend it in with the contour, so that there isn't a vivid line down your face. Apply on each side.

Step 4: Apply the highlighter on the center of your nose, blending it carefully with the contour. Then apply under the eyes, on the chin and in the center of the forehead. This draws attention to the center of the face.

The MOST important thing to remember with contouring is to always BLEND.

Below is an image BEFORE blending and AFTER blending

Below is a video by Smashbox on how to use the palette. 

Of course, if you want to take this on another level, you should try contouring based on the shape of your face. This is definitely important, since you want the perfect sculpt for your face shape. Below is a video by Smashbox on determining the shape of your face.

Once, you've determined the face of your shape, then you can contour it in the appropriate way. Below are tutorial links by Smashbox for each face shape.

Contouring for Square Faces

Contouring for Oval Faces

Contouring for Rectangular Faces

Contouring for Heart Faces

Contouring for Round Faces

Buy Smashbox's First Impression Step by Step Contour Kit here

There will be a new post up soon on contour sticks. Let me know your thoughts on the palette. 

Have fun contouring lovelies. xxx



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YES! Finally got to try on my egg cream mask! It worked really well in hydrating, moisturizing and refreshing my skin. THANK GOD, you will not find any kind of egg smell, don't worry. The mask is infused with egg white and yolk extracts, which aids in keeping a bright and radiant complexion. The best part about it is that it's quick and very easy.

WARNING: You will look like a creep when you have it on. But after 15 minutes, trust me YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Highly recommended. You can purchase it at any Sephora store nearby.

Stay tuned for more of Sephora's Sheet Masks. 

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GLAMGLOW, Peter Thomas Roth and KORRES are some of my favorite skin care products. They're all facial masks that leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Definitely recommended and you can get them all from Sephora.


The GLAMGLOW hydrator works perfectly well on my skin. Due to very cold weather, my skin gets really dry, this GLAMGLOW product helped my skin look a lot healthier and shinier. It also has a great scent to it. The small bottle is a perfect size as well, depending on how much hydration your skin needs. You should apply it only three times a week. Once applied, keep it on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Other recommendations: PLUMPRAGEOUS: Matte Lip Treatment and BRIGHTMUD EYE TREATMENT



Peter Thomas Roth had a huge impact on my skin as well. I loved the package deal bought from Sephora. The box contains a collection of three of Peter Thomas Roth’s most popular masks to detoxify, repair, and polish skin. The green one is the Cucumber Gel Mask (this is the one I use most often) which helps hydrate and detoxify dry skin (perfect for the cold weather). The pink one is the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask which is great for maintaining a youthful complexion. The brownish one is the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask which is an exfoliating treatment that helps with dullness, aging, and a congested complexion. Each mask should be applied on clean skin and left on for ten minutes. Then, rinse off with cold water. They can be used two to three times a week. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! My favorite was the cucumber gel mask. My skin feels much softer and much more hydrated than before.


KORRES Sleeping Facial is another one of my favorite facial masks. It's a centuries-old Greek remedy for skin soothing and moisturizing yoghurt that helps nourish stressed and dry skin. The jar contains twice the protein of regular Greek yoghurt and is applied overnight to nourishment and moisturization for a better looking complexion. When I first tried it, I woke up with improvements in my skin texture and more moisturized, softer, stress free and refreshed skin. I love this one!! It works really well with many skin types. Especially that usually my skin reacts with anything I use on it. 

Let me know which ones worked best for you AND Happy Valentine's Day lovelies. xxx

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Warrior Makeup



So for the pre-Halloween party at PHD, I decided to a warrior from the underworld. I think it came out great! I was so excited to play with those swords... That was the best part. To be honest, it didn't turn out as how I wanted to be. I slacked a bit on this one. My makeup turned out great. I think it was my outfit it didn't scream out that much for me. Originally, I was going to buy this stunning bodysuit from Urban Outfitters and wear them with those pants, but they didn't end up having my size in any store next to me. I also bought these makeup prosthetics that looked super cool. It was a bloody scar that I was going to apply on my face (GROSS, I know) but it would've looked awesome. However, I completely forgot to buy Spirit Gum, which is a quick drying solution of gum which you can apply on the prosthetic for it to stick on your face or body. So that didn't work out either! Moving on, we arrive at the party and the bouncer tells me that I have to check in my swords. I was so pissed! What am I without those swords? Nothing. It didn't make sense for me to be walking around without them. No one would understand my costume. It was a safety hazard though so I had to let go of them. Yes, I had to check in my swords. The night went well, and we had fun. Until we went home and I realized how am I going to take off these lenses?! I had inserted fake freakishly long nails, and there was no way I was able to pull them out. It was a struggle. The lenses came off in the end, but the struggle was so real. So I would recommend either the lenses or the nails. Not both. Below are some makeup tips if you ever want to become a warrior from the underworld.

Step 1: Insert freakishly looking lenses. I chose blue but it really could be any bright color.

Step 2: Apply a smoky eye look with some contouring. I added some gold metallic powder on my cheeks to enhance the supernatural look.

Step 3: Apply makeup prosthetics if you can. They would create a bloody look.

Products Used: Abacadabra Contact Lenses | Sephora Smoky Eye Kit | Abacadabra Gold Metallic  Powder | Abacadabra Sword Kit



Leopard & her favorite cat

So, Halloween night was unexpected. I was supposed to go to the parade, a haunted house and just sit at home and watch scary movies while eating so much candy! But I ended up going to a party and not just any party, it was Heidi Klum's Halloween Party, the biggest event of the night. I was checking my phone during my work break, and I find my friend texting me that we're attending. I got excited! I got back home at ten and showered, got my makeup done and got dressed in two hours. That's a major record for me. Especially that I was applying so many leopard looking spots on my face. Two hours Later, I was done. I ended up loving this costume. The cat ears I got were a bit too pointy for a leopard, but everyone still got the point. The party had many spooky decorations on the wall, the music was great for Halloween, and the costumes were pretty unique. The celebrities that attended were Heidi Klum (obviously), Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Ashanti. We couldn't spot them because their costumes were that good. Heidi Klum was Jessica the Rabbit and she went all out (not surprised), Jennifer Lopez was a skeleton, Ashanti was a smurf and Gigi Hadid was Sandy from Grease. Gigi's costume was on point. She looked exactly like Sandy. We had such a fun and crazy night. It was a night to remember. Below are some makeup tips on how to create this leopard look.

Step 1: Insert blue lenses.

Step 2: Take a liquid eyeliner, I recommend Sephora liquid eyeliner since the brush is super thin. Apply spots around half of the face, changing the proportion of each spot to add a realistic look. 

Step 3: Add a cat eye wing. Apply some silver eye shadow around the eye to highlight them.

Step 4: Apply a pinkish reddish lipstick. You can go for any color really.

Products Used: Sephora Liquid Eyeliner | Sephora Eyeshadow Kit | Abacadabra Lenses | Victoria's  Cat Ears | Forever 21 Jumpsuit

Which was your favorite costume? Leave a comment below. xxx


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Make Up by Liana Prinzevalli

This is actually really easy to do! This was done by one of my favorite make up artists and good friend of mine, Liana Prinzevalli. 

Step One: Apply a cat eye look using liquid eyeliner with a very thin brush, followed by mascara.

Step Two: Grab an eyeliner with a very thin brush. This will help create the cobweb lines easily.  Draw lines around the eye and eyebrow creating a cobweb affect like above. You can apply on both sides of the face or only one.

Step Three: Grab some gold glitter and apply on and around the cobweb, as well as on your eyelid.

Step Four: Apply red lipstick. 


Make Up by Liana Prinzevalli

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Halloween is only a few days away and I've got some costume ideas that you might want to do. Last year, I was Maleficent and an edgy half face skull. Let's start off with Maleficent. I bought the costume off of a halloween online store and completely redesigned it with the help of one of my dearest friends, Tori Macrina. The cape that I had on was actually a long, ugly black dress. I was definitely not going to wear that. So, we cut it up from the middle, hemmed it and emphasized the area around the neck. I thought making it look like a cape would be fashionable and cute. It definitely took a lot of more work than you think but VOILA. I couldn't have done it without you Tori. For the makeup, I used this youtube makeup tutorial which I will attach below for some of you maleficent fans. Also, I bought the lenses. Here's how you can perfect your Maleficent inspired makeup. 

Thanks For Watching! Products Mentioned: L'Oreal True Match Foundation in "Light Ivory" NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in "Chantilly" MAC MSF in "Light" Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette MAC "M.A.C RED" Lipstick Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Fatal Apple" Other Places To Find Me: BLOG: https://brittdanielleclark.wordpress.com Instagram: instagram.com/brittdanie Twitter: twitter.com/brittneyclark56 Pinterest: pinterest.com/brittneydanie Business Inquiries: BrittDanielle56@gmail.com **All products mentioned were purchased by me.

Get your scare on with Maleficent xxx

Here is how to do the edgy half face skull...

By Julia Mcphillips

This is the article my makeup artist was inspired by (I didn't do this one). It's really helpful and shows each step clearly.

Click on the link below.


Can't wait to show you this year's ideas. xxx

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